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Taffy: Feed the Kitty is a simple game where you have to try to collect all the food you see using a ball that you throw from the top of the screen. It’s a fun game based on the popular Taffy cartoon. The game is similar to Peggle in that you have to make the ball bounce until you collect all the food in each level.

You will start learning how to play Taffy: Feed the Kitty from the first moment you pass in front of the screen. All you have to do is aim at the point where you want the ball to land and touch the screen to shoot it. Collecting all the food in each level is not easy, but fortunately, you have a lot of balls to throw. In addition, the obstacles in each level are fragile if you hit them several times with the balls.

The levels in Taffy: Feed the Kitty become more complicated as you go. A long time ago, you will encounter teleportation gates, unbreakable obstacles and much more. Fortunately, the game offers powerups that you can earn by tapping the gifts on the screen or you can always buy them with gold coins you have won. These special forces allow you to break blocks, shoot multiple balls at the same time, or increase the size of the food on the screen to make it easier to hit.

Taffy: Feed the Kitty is a fun casual game that fans of this cartoon will not want to miss. It is a game with over 100 levels in seven different worlds, where you can feed all the different types of food with Taffy. And not only that, you can face the ultimate bosses at the end of each world. you can also play in Surfers bonus metro style levels.


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