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Sweet Crossing: Snake.io is a twist on the popular Slither.io arcade game. Basically, you play as a penguin and try to get the biggest tail by eating sweets while avoiding crushing other creatures. One reason that Sweet Crossing: Snake.io stands out from other games in this genre is that it has 3D graphics and, instead of playing with snakes or worms, you play with penguins.

The more fruit and chocolate you eat, the bigger your tail. And the longer your tail, the more likely you are to crush other animals, which in turn produces more sweets to eat. But be careful, because if you crush another animal, you can also fall into nothing more than a pile of candy.

As is typical in this type of game, Sweet Crossing: Snake.io is played online, so you can compete with players from all over the world, trying to see who can make the biggest queue. As you earn points, you can also customize your penguin tail to make it appear to be made of cakes or smoothies.

Sweet Crossing: Snake.io is a silly and fun arcade game that is ideal for low and fast paced games (although technically they could go on forever).


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