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Swamp Attack is a kind of “tower defense” action game where players have to defend the main character’s house in the swamp, which is attacked by an endless mob of angry and strange animals.

At the beginning of Swamp Attack, you will meet hungry crocodiles that are willing to bite their teeth into your character and as you go you will encounter an endless number of crazy animals such as giant mosquitoes, piranhas, beavers and raccoons.

Fortunately, you will have a large arsenal to defend the swamp. Starting with a shotgun, it will not be long before you can buy everything from machine guns and firearms to assault rifles and alien weapons. In addition, you can plant mines, drop dynamite or Molotov cocktails, and even request air strikes.

In Swamp Attack you can play more than 70 different levels divided into 4 chapters. Of course, to get to the last chapter you have to make your way through each level, killing all the enemies.

Swamp Attack perfectly combines elements of action games with the “tower defense” genre, including cute graphics that are sure to remind you of titles like Plants Vs. Zombie.


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