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Rules of Survival is a third person shooter that is clearly inspired by the wonderful game BATTLEGROUND (PUBG), in which up to 120 players are on a huge island full of weapons and vehicles. The last man is crowned as the only winner.

The control system in Rules of Survival is typical of the genre: you can move your character with a directional pad on the left side of the screen while using the buttons on the right side to shoot, duck or jump. You can interact with weapons, boxes, vehicles or doors by pressing the button that appears when you approach them. Finally, there is a map in the upper right corner to orient yourself to the island.

Rules of Survival matches are played similarly to PUBG or any other Battle Royale game for Android. All players parachute to the island, and from the moment they land, they start looking for weapons, armor and other useful items. In addition, the battlefield is surrounded by a deadly force field that gradually becomes smaller and, if it reaches you, you will be killed. Of course, you have all kinds of vehicles at your disposal to get away from it: motorcycles, cars, trucks and more.

Rules of Survival offers various game modes. It’s each man for himself in battle royale mode, but you can also play in pairs or teams.

Rules of Survival is an online shooter that offers an interesting premise and a very fun gaming experience. It’s a great title considering that the games last about fifteen or twenty minutes (more if you are good enough) and it has decent graphics, especially considering that there are more than 100 players per game.

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