Super Tank Blitz 1.4.6 for Android

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Super Tank Blitz is a multiplayer action game where you take part in exciting one-on-one battles against other players around the world. This game is similar to CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars, in which you build your own tank and try to pick your opponents one by one.

In this PVP game, you play in real-time battles where your goal is to destroy the opposing tank. To do this, scroll with the virtual D-pad while pressing the buttons on the right side of the screen to use your weapons. Although there are many weapons available, the main thing is to check the cannon and calculate its trajectory so that you can land your shot.

The tanks in this game are fully customizable. You can add various weapons, sub-weapons and support items. Not only can you modify your tanks and upgrade your weapons, but you can also choose one of the many commanders, each with their own unique abilities. Recruit more commanders as you play games and level up, similar to how it works in Brawl Stars.

Super Tank Blitz is a fantastic online action game where you can play fast games in two minutes or less. There are also several different game modes, so you can also play 2v2 battles with other players.


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