Super RocketBall 3.0.8 for Android

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Super RocketBall is a sports game in which you play football by driving cars on a giant ball. Basically, it is a version of Rocket League that has been adapted for touch screens … although obviously with a lower production value.

To play, you can participate in an online game with other players or, if you wish, you can practice first. In practice mode, you can play offensive and defensive games without the stress that comes with playing an online game. This is the ideal feature for those who are new to the game, as it gives you a way to get used to the controls, which can be a bit confusing at first.

As in the Rocket League, hitting the ball with your vehicle is not difficult. What is difficult is to play relatively complicated games with good passes or shots on goal. For some of the more complex moves, you will need to use the turbo and, of course, the jump.

Super RocketBall is a fun sports game. Even if it’s not as good as the Rocket League, which is hard to match, it will at least let you experiment with something similar on Android.


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