Sumatra PDF Portable 3.3.3 for Windows

Download Free Sumatra PDF Portable 3.3.3 for Windows

Sumatra PDF is a portable application that does not require installation and whose main function is to open all PDF files from any computer. You just have to have and run the program in external memory.

This tool is very easy to use, with a simple and intuitive interface from which you can open documents from the toolbar and they will appear directly on the screen, just like any other reader.

In addition, Sumatra PDF is not only able to read PDF files, but can also open ePub, MOBI, XPs, DjVu, CHM and CBZ files, so you can always rely on this program when you need to transfer files to USB to open them on another computer.

As it is a portable application, it is very light and fast, so you will not have any problem with uploading files and you can use the application with any USB flash drive, even if you do not have much space.


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