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Stumble Guys is a fun multiplayer action game where you can play battles with up to 32 players. It is up to you to overcome all kinds of different challenges to emerge victorious, crown in hand. Taking a lot of the original data from Fall Guys, this title continues where the original stopped and is about to become one of the best Fall Guys clones out there on smartphones today.

In this Takeshi Castle style game, you will be accompanied by a colorful setting from the first race to the last. Each consists of three separate tests where it is up to you to avoid obstacles until you reach the finish line. This is easier said than done, however, you will always come out with a smile. Especially since your opponents are adorable – huge snowmen, colorful platforms that fall, swinging doors, huge balls that destroy … There is no end to the elements of action in this game.

The Stumble Guys game is simple, thanks to the well-designed controls. A virtual cross-pad makes you move and a single button helps you jump. Not only do you use this control to overcome obstacles, but you will push forward when you press it, if you fly in the air. The best part about this weird Battle Royale is not just how much is played. It is also that there are tons of different idols to use and skins to unlock with the gold you get after each match you play.

Stumble Guys is a fantastic multiplayer game with a fun physics system and all the excitement and excitement you love from the original game. Overall, a very good Fall Guys clone that you will definitely enjoy on your Android.


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