Stress Relaxation Games 4.55 for Android

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Stress Relaxation Games is a great application that brings together dozens of virtual objects and activities to help relieve stress.

When you start Antistress relaxation games you will find a shelf full of all kinds of items, placed there to help you stop and manage your thoughts in times of stress. So you will find a wide range of objects and activities without goals, without rewards – they are just there to tap until you calm down.

With realistic animation and fun sound, Antistress relaxation games allow users to calm their minds by doing activities that, through their unguided nature, help you keep your stress under control. So, for example, you will find an activity that consists of cutting carrots. An endless row of carrots to cut using a sharp knife. You will also find wooden squares for stacking, buttons for pressing, mud for handling, sand for dragging, blackboard with chalk to write and erase, table full of cards to arrange, face for shaving, wrapping with pop bubbles …. a few, a library of objects and activities that are considered relaxing and that really help relieve stress.

Stress relaxation games are a great and really useful application that can help users take a break in their mind until the stress stops by doing regular and relaxing activities.


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