Streaming Game Moonlight 9.8.1 APK Download by Cameron Gutman

Download Free Streaming Game Moonlight 9.8.1 APK Download by Cameron Gutman

This application streams games, programs, or your entire desktop from an NVIDIA GameStream compatible PC to your local network or the Internet using the NVIDIA GeForce Experience. Mouse, keyboard, and controller input is sent from your Android device to the computer.

Flow performance may vary depending on the client device and network configuration. HDR requires a device with HDR10 capability, GTX 1000-series GPU and HDR10 capability game.

• Open source and completely free (no ads, IAP or “Pro”)
• Game streams purchased from any store
• Works on your home network or via Internet / LTE
• Up to 4K 120 FPS HDR streaming with 7.1 surround sound
• Keyboard and mouse support (preferably with Android 8.0 or later)
• Stylus / S-Pen support
• Supports PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Android gamepads
• Compulsory comment support
• Local cooperative with up to 4 connected auditors
• Mouse control via gamepad by holding down the Start key

Computer requirements
• NVIDIA GeForce Experience or NVIDIA Quadro Experience installed

Quick installation instructions
• Make sure the GeForce Experience is open on your computer. Enable GameStream on the SHIELD settings page.
• Tap on the computer in Moonlight and enter the PIN on your computer
• Start the flow!

For a good experience, you need a mid-range to high-tech wireless router with a good wireless connection to your Android device (highly recommended 5 GHz) and a good connection from your PC to your router (highly recommended Ethernet).

Detailed installation instructions
See the complete installation guide for:
• Manually add computer (if your computer is not detected)
• Internet or LTE streaming
• Use a controller connected directly to your computer
• Flow your entire desktop
• Add custom applications to the stream

MOGA controller users
If your controller has a switch with A and B, it must be changed to B to be used for flow. If you do not have a switch, use the MOGA Universal Driver application.

PlayStation 3 controller users
Use the SixAxis application in “Native Gamepad” mode for Moonlight. The default button assignment must be adjusted to match the standard flow controller layout.

A detailed troubleshooting guide is available here:
If you still can’t solve your problem or just have a question, sign up for the Discord server to chat with the Moonlight community:

Disclaimer: This application is not related to NVIDIA Corporation. Do not contact them for support. Instead, use the troubleshooting link at the bottom of the application description.

This application is open source under the GPL. The code can be found here:

Legal: All trademarks listed herein are the property of their respective owners.

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