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If you usually browse the web, you will realize that you now have many passwords to enter the different sites you visit frequently (forums, chats, mail, instant messaging clients, …)

Sticky Password will be very useful because you will be able to save your entire password in safe mode, so you do not forget them. But if you want to save your passwords, they must be secure, so now you only need to remember one password, the one that will allow you to run a Sticky password. This way, all your passwords will be more secure than ever. and you will not lose any of them.

The database used by Sticky Password is developed using quite powerful encryption algorithms (AES / Rijndael, Blowfish, Gost, SCOP, Twofish …).

It’s time to keep all your passwords secure. Just enter the website, name and passwords and even a few notes for each password and you will have no problem.

Finally, one more tip: Do not forget the password to run the program.


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