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STAYAWAY COVID is the official COVID-19 Exhibition Alert application for Portugal. It runs on mobile phones and is intended to support the country in its efforts to control COVID-19. By tracking your most recent contacts, the app lets you know, simply and safely, if you have been exposed to the disease. The STAYAWAY COVID application is completely voluntary and free of charge and in no case is access to your identity or personal data required.

Once installed, the cell phone indicates its presence on all nearby devices using random IDs, without disclosing personal information. The information shared between the devices allows STAYAWAY COVID to know which mobile phones were nearby, how close and for how long. The World Health Organization considers that exposure within 2 meters and more than 15 minutes to someone with COVID-19 poses a high risk of transmission.

1. There are no high risk contacts

If the application does not detect high-risk contacts with someone diagnosed with COVID-19, then it displays this exact message and the date of the last evaluation.

2. Notification of report

If, in the last 14 days, we have exposed someone with COVID-19 who has shared this information with the STAYAWAY COVID system, then the app will notify us immediately so we can isolate ourselves and call Linha SNS 24 (808 24 24 24).

3. If tested positive for COVID-19

In case of a positive test in COVID-19, together with the diagnosis, we will receive a numeric code that will allow us to communicate, anonymously and through the application, this information with the STAYAWAY COVID system. This is the important step that allows the application to notifies in a timely manner all those who have been exposed to our transmission, even before any symptoms appear. No identity is ever revealed to anyone.

The STAYAWAY COVID application has been developed by INESC TEC, ISPUP, Keyruptive and Ubirider for the General Directorate of Health / Ministry of Health.

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