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Download Free Star Conflict 1.8.0 – Free PC Download

Star Conflict is a free spaceship simulator. We will take part in an interplanetary collision by a spacecraft, which will be able to move freely around the galaxy and face other users in real-time battles. The game will take place in the future, in a remote area of ​​the galaxy, where there are the ruins of an ancient civilization destroyed by war.

Take part in an interstellar war

The game allows us control of the entire fleet of warships, from light exploration ships to huge armed space frigates. We will be able to go out to open space and explore the boundaries of the galaxy, travel around different space colonies and create our own. Find other players and work with them to subdue others.

These are the main features we will find in this game:

  • PvP fights in dozens of different scenarios.
  • PvE Shipments.
  • Sandbox function.
  • More than a hundred ships of all types.
  • Take on up to 9 different regular roles.
  • Adjust your strategy to the type of ship you pilot, as each has different characteristics.
  • Form teams with other players.
  • Complete missions and unlock ships and skills.

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