Standoff 2 0.15.0 – Download for Android APK Free

Download Free Standoff 2 0.15.0 – Download for Android APK Free

You probably know that there is life beyond Fortnite and PUBG in the field of shooting games for Android. Yes, there is more to mobile action games than royale battle titles, as evidenced by this great first person shooter: Deviation 2.

The Standoff comes with everything you could expect from a sniper

This action game is no different from the classics of this genre and offers us one rather traditional game mode in a scenario facing terrorists against members of the special forces. However, as is common in almost all modern action games, it has been developed to be played online in the form of multiplayer. In many cases, this is an advantage, as playing against a human opponent can be much more unpredictable than a machine and therefore much more interesting.

At present, the features and functions you will find by downloading the APK of this shooter for Android are the following, although we expect to see important updates in future releases:

  • 5 different maps.
  • 3 game modes.
  • Play online with friends and users from all over the world.
  • Collaborate with other players to fight in a collaborative or competitive way.
  • Send text or voice messages to friends and opponents.
  • Customize your character.
  • Wide range of weapons.

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