Spark AR Studio v124 for Windows

Download Free Spark AR Studio v124 for Windows

Spark AR Studio is a program for Windows that allows you to create attractive effects and filters in augmented reality that you can later share on your social networks. Specifically, these designs are ready to be used with the camera capabilities on Instagram and Facebook.

To get started with Spark AR Studio, you will need relatively advanced design knowledge and 3D modeling. However, the program itself offers templates that make it easy to create your own creations even without previous experience in this field.

The interface in Spark AR Studio is designed so that the effects you create are ready to be adapted to the platforms where you will use them. That’s why it gives you a window that shows the proportions of the main smartphones in the market. This way, you can see what the results will be on the screens where they are to be used.

In summary, Spark AR Studio is a fairly intuitive program for creating original filters and effects for your Instagram and Facebook stories. You just have to have a little bit of technical experience and a lot of motivation to start incorporating mattresses and light and material simulations to get incredibly amazing results.


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