Soulworker Academy 1.116135.12162 for Android

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Soulworker Academy is an RPG that takes you into the universe of the successful PC Soulworker game, where you will help these heroes complete different missions. With stunning 3D graphics, you will move your character through stunning settings as you complete challenges and experience exciting battles.

Without a doubt, the Soulworker Academy anime design is truly impressive. Once you have chosen the physical appearance and characteristics of your character, you will be ready to take action. To control your hero, you just need to use the control on the left side of the screen. However, you also have the option to press the auto button to make all movements without having to lift a finger.

At Soulworker Academy, you can explore locations in this universe, such as a medical clinic, cafeteria, and many outdoor locations where you will find other characters. In fact, not only will you find individual tournaments, but you will also have the option to compete in 3v3 battles, joining forces with players from around the world.

Soulworker Academy immerses you in these settings full of characters and quests to complete. As you accompany your character in each room, you will gradually approach the soul of the character to get the necessary energy to win and evolve.


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