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Soul Maskers is a role-playing game where you choose one of the three available heroes and then test their skills. Each hero has his own magical powers that you must use if you want to defeat your enemies and reach the end of each level.

Move your hero through the scenarios of this game by clicking on the virtual D-pad, facing enemies that hinder you, slowing down your progress. On the right side of the screen, on the other hand, there are several action buttons that you can press to perform various attacks, as well as a jump button.

Another thing to remember is that as you progress through the levels, you can unlock new attacks for increasingly impressive combinations. Utilizing these new skills is vital if you want to overcome more and more powerful monsters.

Soul Maskers is a fast paced RPG with a relentless battle against tons of evil creatures blocking your way. Play as one of the three available heroes, fighting teeth and nails to restore peace to this universe.


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