Sort’n Fill 1.2.0 – Download for Android APK Free

Download Free Sort’n Fill 1.2.0 – Download for Android APK Free

fill out is one of those games that is so simple that two sentences would be enough to explain what is involved. This is a small puzzle game that is very cute and original, where players will find a huge variety of items that are mixed in any old series.

The goal in each level is to sort these items by type into different labeled boxes for that purpose.. For example, sunglasses go into the sunglasses box, pears go into the pear box, and so on until all the chaos is cleared.

Classification of fruits, everyday items, cars, office supplies … for anything you can think of!

Main characteristics

Although it is an extremely simple game, its features and dynamics also make it extremely addictive and fun:

  • High quality 3D graphics and very impressive colors.
  • Each level has different elements.
  • Receive game coins when you complete each level. The faster and more accurate you are, the more you do.
  • It helps to clear your mind and give your brain a workout at the same time.
  • Puzzles can hide the keys. With three keys you will be able to access a scratch card game, where you can win more coins.

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