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Solo Knight is a semi-automatic RPG with many dark dungeons to explore, each full of enemies! In this game, your character moves and attacks automatically, although you can activate manual control by simply tapping the screen.

Although Solo Knight has manual control, players usually leave the game in automatic mode and focus on activating their knight’s special abilities. From the stock of this game, you can view or equip all the items you find along the way. There is everything, from bows, armor, hammers, helmets, magic covers, swords and much more! Not only that, but every piece of equipment you equip improves your character statistics.

But one of the best features of this game is all the skills you can choose from … over four hundred in total! Choose your own skill set and add them to your hero character to turn them into a warrior, magician, archer or almost anything else. It all depends on how you ascend your character as you descend the deep dungeons.

Overall, Solo Knight is a great RPG, with controls perfect for touchscreen devices and great graphics. On top of all that, each dungeon is created randomly, so you will never explore the same thing twice!


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