Solitaire Plus 1.2.2 for Android

Download Free Solitaire Plus 1.2.2 for Android

Are you a solitaire fan? If you are looking for a free, full version of the classic card game, Solitaire Plus is a great choice. Enjoy endless solitaires, compete yourself in all sorts of daily challenges and try your hand at others in strategic tournaments.

Solitaire Plus games follow the traditional rules, but do not worry if you have never played it before because it is very easy to learn! To win the game, all you have to do is sort all your cards into four suits, starting with the ace and ending with the king. Just tap a card to pick it up from the board and check your deck at the top of the screen to see your progress.

In this fun version of solitaire you will face many different challenges. They are updated every 24 hours, so there is nothing to stop you from completing hundreds in one day, if you wish! Join the app to keep a record of your accomplishments and improve your score by earning extra points and solving puzzles in faster times.

Another great thing about Solitaire Plus is that you can enjoy your solitaires with all sorts of color themes. Unlock new backgrounds, play with other decks and find the perfect combinations to beat other players from the top of the tournament.


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