Sniper Gun 3D 1.7 for Android

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Become a spy and undertake any kind of mission in the first person Sniper Gun 3D sniper. In most missions, you will have to kill at least one person, but sometimes you will have two targets to finish!

Sniper Gun 3D has extremely simple controls. Just tap the side of the screen to move sideways to the ledge you climbed and tap on the crosshairs to use the rifle’s telescopic view. When using the vision, you can turn on or off the night mode at any time.

This first person shooter has dozens of different levels and everyone has the same goal: kill all your targets. Although players usually do not have to fight their targets, they will leave when they suspect a sniper is near. Because of this, it is extremely important to wait for the right moment to shoot your foreground.

Sniper Gun 3D is a fun first person shooter, though the graphics are pretty mediocre and the missions can be repetitive. That said, it offers a fun gaming experience, at least for the first few minutes.


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