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As its name suggests, is a snake game that is very similar to Players must control a small snake that starts to get more and more as it eats more colored balls that are scattered throughout each scene. You have to watch out for other snakes, but because your screen will be full of them trying to raise as many balls as possible.

The basic idea of ​​the game is very simple: if the head of a snake hits another part of the body of any other snake, the attacking snake will die. So your goal is to make your way around each scene, collecting as many colored balls as possible to get more time while avoiding and attacking other snakes. Killing other snakes will not make your snake grow, but you can eat the balls that are scattered after it dies. is essentially an obscene clone of that was, at the time, a game that was very much inspired by The result is not very original, but it is still a lot of fun when assembling a team of players.


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