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SnagIt is the solution you are looking for to capture any item on your screen.

The first difference with other recorders is that SnagIt allows you to capture any video image without having to format RGB options in the video player.

It is one of the most complete screen recorders. You can select 12 standard patterns for taking pictures, you can take the whole screen, a part of it, a web page (auto-scroll), … and if you do not like any of them, you can customize your own.

Once you get the screen you shot, you can use the built-in processor and apply a lot of effects from the edge, paint and write on it. Of course you can add watermarks to the image. And the processor can be used with any image, it does not need to be captured with SnagIt.

In addition, it includes a photo organizer, so you will not miss any image.

You can take images as jpg, bmp, gif, thm, … and you can use them to convert your own photos.

All of this is housed in an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.


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