Snack Video – Download for Android APK Free

Download Free Snack Video – Download for Android APK Free

The TikTok social network model, what people share vertical videos projected in slide show mode with the application interface mounted on the image, has become very popular. So many more than 500 million users are threatening the Facebook empire and, in addition, dozens of applications that do the same have been released to the market. One of them is Snack video, which offers us a similar system.

TikTok video social network

Here you can register as a user and start sharing content quickly. Whether you are recording with the front or rear camera, you will be able to upload whatever you like and add music to it so that it quickly becomes viral (or not, it does not always happen, as you know). In the meantime, you will be able to enjoy what other users are sharing and have hours of fun watching the craziest videos on the Internet.

The application gives you access to features and functions such as:

  • Browse videos by scrolling down the screen: games, entertainment, pets, news … you can find just about anything.
  • Choose the type of content you like best and just watch it.
  • Browse content according to trends.
  • Follow other users and exchange messages with them.
  • Download video to your phone.
  • Share them on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp …

What’s new in the latest version

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