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Slimjet is a web browser based on the Blink engine developed in Chromium, on which Google Chrome is based. In fact, it may look almost identical to Google Browser, although many additional features have been added to increase loading speed, find sites faster, and increase your productivity in an easy and accessible way.

First of all, if you do not modify the original tab, Slimjet shows you a list of the 12 most visited sites or those for which you have created shortcuts. In any case, the autocomplete feature allows you to quickly find any site you have visited by simply typing two letters. On the other hand, since all external plugins are the same as in Chrome, you can quickly add the ones you used to this browser without having to search for them again. Its customization features are its power, as everyone can create their own tools and customize them over time with just two clicks.

Slimjet, on the other hand, incorporates automatic fraud insurance, allowing you to browse without worrying about robbery or someone else accessing your personal information. This app also has a password manager that stores all your login information from social networks and other sites, so if you lose one, you can simply request to receive it via email.

In addition to all these features that make Slimjet really easy to use and make your life easier, it also includes a unique feature to save time when accessing any website. It works by allowing you to open a page by simply typing a short nickname instead of the full URL of a page without having to search for it. Speed, safety and ease of use, all in one browser.

Slimjet Browser, a lightweight browser for Windows

For those of you who are tech-savvy out there, Microsoft recently announced that anyone who continues to use Internet Explorer versions before 11 should withdraw their browsers, as its extensive support has expired. The problem is that while many people continue to use Explorer simply because they know nothing else, others have not yet found a lightweight alternative that works well on their old computer. For these poor souls there are options like the Slimjet browser, an interesting, compact Chromium-based alternative that sheds some of the dead weight pulled by Google Chrome’s big brother.

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