Slack 4.12.2 for Windows – Download

Download Free Slack 4.12.2 for Windows – Download

Slack is the perfect tool if you are looking for a way to communicate with your team and keep everything under control quickly and instantly. With this useful application you can create workspaces, manage employees and organize projects with ease.

Once you have created yourself as a domain, you can use it to connect with other colleagues in your project. Invite team members to themed chat rooms, and then share text, links, emoji, and documents with each other. You can even customize your text with specific fonts and styles, share audio notes, and connect to other online platforms, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Office 365, if needed.

From the Contacts menu you will be able to start a conversation with specific people or choose to create open channels that anyone can access at any time. Take advantage of all the useful features of Slack, such as reminder systems that pin important messages and the built-in search engine that helps you quickly find lost details.

With Slack, you can streamline communication, easily access important documents for your project, integrate tools like Skype, and plan teamwork more efficiently. Solve any problem with ease and keep all the things that matter most.


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