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Download Free Skyturns 2.6.3 for Android – Download

Skyturns is an action and adventure game where you have to guide a stickman to do it on all platforms. To do this you need to move as fast as you can without forgetting how windy these green roads are.

The controls used by Skyturns are quite simple. Basically, you just have to click on the arrows on the right to jump or duck at the right time. Plus, if you double-click on it at the top, you’ll go twice as fast. In the meantime, you should also click on the arrows on the left side of the screen to turn when there is a curve.

Although this game may seem simple, you will soon see that the speed of action keeps your eyes glued to the screen of your device. If you are distracted for even a minute, you are sure to fall freely in zero time. Another interesting aspect of this app is that after each game, there is a ghost mode that shows how you did in the previous game. That way you know if you are gaining the best of yourself.

Skyturns is an addictive game that will entice you to play game after game to try to get your best score. The fact that the fastest shadow of the stickman appears in your next attempts makes it difficult to stop running through these platforms so high in the sky.


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