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Skype is the world’s leading VoIP calling service. A free tool that lets you talk to other users using text, voice, and / or video chats.

The tool uses peer-to-peer technology based on the well-known file-sharing service, Kazaa, to offer a powerful and reliable call system, allowing you to talk to your friends with the same reliability and sound quality you’d expect on a landline .

It uses VoIP technology to make calls between users and calls from users on regular phones, both mobile and landline, all in a very simple and fast way that does not require you to configure or configure anything. Its creators confirm that it even offers sound quality that is better than it is in a regular phone call.

It is completely free and provided without additional ads. you will hear the standard ringtones of the phone, it will tell you if the contact you are calling is talking on Skype at that time and you can pick up and hang up all the calls you want.

In addition, it includes the integration of Facebook and the option to make group video calls with up to ten users at a time using their cameras. not to mention that it includes Windows Live Messenger messages after its purchase by Microsoft.

As it is a multi-format application, you can make calls between devices, whether it is a desktop computer or a smartphone. Skype is definitely one of the top digital VoIP phone services in the world.

Skype now lets you record video calls

According to the official Skype blog, from now on you can record any call, video and audio, without leaving the application. This feature is available in the latest update to Android, although it is also available for other platforms besides the client for the Windows 10 Store.

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Skype 8.0 gives a big facelift to the Android application

Skype has long since abandoned its attempt to be a “simple” video conferencing application to be something like an all-in-one communication solution: IM, VoIP, stickers, photo collages, you name it. With the new update 8.0, its social dimension is now stronger than ever, with all menus being redesigned and new features being added that bring it even closer to competitors such as Snapchat and Instagram.

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How to contact Clan Battles at Clash Royale

The arrival of the Clan Battles in Clash Royale changed the way we play this blockbuster title from Supercell. The fact that we can now play with a companion from our Clan has added an element of teamwork to a game that is always characterized by competition. Although this feature is only available temporarily, we thought it was a good idea to explain different ways to improve communication with your teammate and therefore avoid doing the same things over and over again.

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