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Download Free Skype – Free download for PC

One of the applications that has contributed most to the creation of text, voice and video over the Internet Protocol, also known as VoIP, is so popular it is definitely Skype. This tool was designed in 2003 in Estonia and purchased by Microsoft in 2011.

Free communication with phones and other computers

One of the most important features of this tool, which has brought so many users, is its price: it ‘s free. Anyone can download the customer and register as a user without having to pay anything. However, some of its features require payment.

Then it happened a natural replacement for Microsoft Messenger, but beyond text messaging, it was his ability to make phone calls between computers or between PC and phone at incredibly low prices that made him so popular.

Main characteristics

  • Make Internet video calls and video conferencing using VoIP.
  • Send free text messages.
  • Send and receive all types of files and documents.
  • File sharing.
  • Call landlines and cell phones from around the world.
  • Integrate with your Outlook account.
  • Create group video calls.
  • Share the contents displayed on your computer screen.
  • Possibility of connection Skype and Facebook accounts.

What kind of communications does it offer?

Its features allow us to use it as we wish. These are the free services offered:

  • Text, voice, and video communications between two users from one computer to another computer or mobile device. Completely free.

And these are the functions you can use once you pay a small amount of money:

  • Group calls between multiple users via PC.
  • Voice calls with local charges from a landline or mobile to a user connected through their computer.
  • Local fax call to Skype users.
  • Forwarding calls and messages from landlines and mobiles to users.

The features it offers make it an extremely valid tool for home communications, but also corporate communications, use for video conferencing, text messaging, and group discussions or communications. But this presence in business environments has led people to wonder about its safety.

Is Skype safe?

Its widespread use not only in Windows, but also in iPhone, Android, Mac, Linux and its web version, has led many people to question the security and integrity of the transmitted information. Not only users are concerned about their privacy, but also people who want to violate the privacy of others. The fact is that it is was one of the services affected by the NSA spy software known as PRISM, since it is always surrounded by many controversies and some users prefer alternatives such as Tango.

How much? It is expensive?

It’s one of the most popular questions about this program and obviously the answer depends on how and how much you use it, but no, it’s not expensive at all. You should note that its use does not depend on the data contract:

  • Calls to landlines: 2.1 cents per minute.
  • Mobile calls: 9 cents per minute.

The credit can be refilled in lump sums between 10 and 25 euros and you can configure it to recharge automatically when you run out.

In turn, you can use one subscription program through monthly fares in cell phone and landline calls. Fares depend on the number of minutes and intend to call Europe and the rest of the world, ranging between € 1.08 and € 12.69.

What’s new in the latest version

  • Skype calls now allow up to 100 participants.

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