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Skillful Pixel Dungeon is a version of the popular open source roguelike, Pixel Dungeon, which includes some interesting new features. However, the essence of the game remains the same: get down through a dungeon with the risk of hiding around every corner.

At the beginning of each round, you can choose between the game as a warrior, magician, rogue or hunter. Each character category in the Skillful Pixel Dungeon has its own unique abilities (active and passive). In total, there are more than 40 exclusive skills for Skillful.

The gameplay is really similar to traditional roguelikes. You have to move to the dungeon levels, face the enemies in turn-based battles, find and use the best weapons and armor you can find, gain experience and level up. Basically, try to survive as long as possible.

The Skillful Pixel Dungeon is an excellent roguelike that takes the best of the classics of the genre and combines them with a modern control system and really charming pixelated graphics. It’s another big dose in the Pixel Dungeon line that also offers new difficulty features.

Pixel Dungeon, the most popular roguelike on Android

If you are looking for a roguelike manual example, look no further than the Pixel Dungeon. You could almost consider it one of the heavyweights of the new silver age, far beyond the harsh ASCII environments used in Rogue, Hack or Moria. Although originally released for Android in 2012, the fact that it was distributed under a GNU license and released the source code to the public has led to countless clones and rebuilds. These new releases have continued to add endless content to the already huge number of features of the original game.

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