SketchUp Pro 2021 – Free PC Download

Download Free SketchUp Pro 2021 – Free PC Download

SketchUp Pro is Google’s contribution to the field of 3D modeling and structure design. A powerful software application that stands out thanks to its ease of use, making it an appropriate alternative if you work in this field.

3D modeling for everyone.

Based on the success of SketchUp (a software application developed to allow anyone to create and place buildings in Google Earth), This version extends its capabilities, offering design tools that are much more advanced without being overwhelming, something that tends to happen with other CAD applications, providing software and programs that focus on engineers and manufacturers.


  • Design and create your own 3D models.
  • Includes layout, a 2D documentation and presentation tool that can also combine 3D drawings and text.
  • Contains Style Builder, a tool for creating arris styles for SketchUp models.
  • Add geolocation information in your models.
  • “Customize photo” function to create models from real buildings.
  • Optimized 3D building modulator.
  • New set of solid tools.
  • See thumbnails of the model’s scenes.

An important alternative

Just you download SketchUp Pro you will be able to start creating 3D models, whether it is a simple floor plan or a complete 3D project, with the guarantee of a leading product in the field. This is a trial version, but if you really want to access all of its features, you can always obtain a professional license.

Download SketchUp Pro, unleash your imagination and turn 3D modeling in children’s play.

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