Siren Head Field 1.5 for Android

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Enter a dark and sad world – full of scary sounds – with the first Siren Head Field horror game. This time you are at home, but when you go to wake up your parents you discover that they are not there and the search for them begins.

Siren Head Field has 3D graphics that make the story even more exciting. Plus, this game was easy to use: just slide your finger across the screen to see a 360-degree view of each scene. To move your character, simply tap and hold on the screen for a few seconds until a virtual controller appears.

Another great feature of Siren Head Field is its impressive soundtrack, with sounds that add to the creepy atmosphere created by every detail of the game. In addition, Siren Head Field displays your missions for completion on the screen as you move through each room.

Overall, Siren Head Field is a game with great graphics, perfectly designed maps and gameplay that guarantees that you will feel the fear in every level.


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