Signal 1.39.5 for Windows – Download

Download Free Signal 1.39.5 for Windows – Download

Signal is one of the most secure messaging tools in the world. This open source tool developed by Open Whisper Systems has millions of users worldwide and is constantly adding enhanced features. In fact, even Edward Snowden praised the tool from its earliest versions.

If you have never used the signal on your smartphone, then you must first install the Android application on your device. After that, you can start synchronizing both the devices and all the shared contacts.

One of the key features of Windows Signal Version is that it also lets you send photos, videos, and any document or file to your computer. Likewise, security encryption is excellent and you can also verify the identity of everyone you talk to on your computer.

With Signal for Windows, you can harness the power and performance of your PC for end-to-end encrypted conversations. With a simple and effective interface, you can keep track of anything new in your conversations without having to constantly monitor your smartphone.


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