Shpock | Buy used for sale and buy 8.56.1 APK Download from Shpock

Download Free Shpock | Buy used for sale and buy 8.56.1 APK Download from Shpock

Sell ​​your things and make a deal. Whatever it is. Close it.

Enter the market it makes the second hand feels joy. Buy and sell, near and far – with seamless collection and delivery from local to nationwide.

You can buying and selling (almost) anything: new, almost new and used items in various categories, such as electronics and technology, fashion and clothing, children’s and baby items, home and garden furniture, and even specialty interests such as cars and real estate.

Find what you are looking for and buy and sell, easily and safely. Zero fees. Zero inconvenience. Zero reason not to do it! With Shpock, it ‘s easier than ever to turn your stuff into money fast. If you do not love it anymore, someone else will love it.

Buy used cars for sale and purchase – Online shopping

50 million ++ smartphone downloads
Award Apple’s “Best” Award for Sustainability 🌍 in 2019
K 250k + ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ reviews

Why buy and sell with Shpock?
We are one of the largest and best buying and selling apps in the UK – a marketplace on your phone that makes selling used and buying opportunities safe, easy and fun: clothing, fashion, electronics, technology (smartphones, tablets, computers, TVs) ) And much more.

Uy Buy from and sell to millions of active Shpockers
. Enter an item for sale in seconds
. Negotiate for a better offer or buy now
. Get a buyer protection and payment guarantee with secure delivery
🔒 Pay securely within the application through the Shpock Wallet
. No sales fees
Με Chat with buyers safely within the app
💚 Join a community you can trust, report problems, report problems, get in-app and phone support

Shpock is the platform that brings a little joy to the world of second-hand sales and purchases, making it easy to convert old items into new shiny money.

In the Shpock market you can
Ίστα List in seconds: photos of your item, description, price… and that’s it!
. Find local shoppers and receive hassle-free collections.

Choose from secure delivery options
. Share ads on Facebook and Twitter to sell faster
. Start your own Shpock store
Enhance your listings in the homepage and search results
Μια Develop a community – follow friends and favorite sellers and help each other sell and buy

Buy and sell almost anything in our used market
Whatever it is. Close it. I want it. Need. the. Do you no longer use it? You can buy and sell in so many categories and here is a taste of what exists …

Vintage clothes and fashion, designer clothes, menswear and clothes for women, streetwear, shoes, sports equipment and clothing, home & garden, furniture, cars & motorcycles, books, movies, music, electronics (smartphones, iPads, laptops, computers, game consoles, TVs, DVD players), things for adults, children and babies and much more!

Now even faster and safer
Find clothes and fashion and discover wonderful offers in our market near you or reach even more people by delivering nationwide. Selling Shpock Boot & Classified Ads makes buying and selling used items faster and safer than ever. With the protection of the buyer we give you peace of mind. Know that your product will arrive as expected, otherwise you will get your money back! Make great deals, great deals and save money. Used, used or new, it doesn’t matter – connect with buyers and sellers locally and nationally. It is so easy to buy and sell your clothes, your sneakers and with the community and the fashion market. Buy clothes, fashion brands and rare vintage pieces.

Say hi!
If you have something to say or a question to ask, email us at [email protected] or email us at @ShpockUK on Twitter.

Download NOW – Find the joy of buying and selling (almost) anything!

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