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Download Free Shortcut Maker 3.4 APK Download from Android_RK

This app can create a shortcut on the Android home screen for anything you want from your Android.

Just select the function and click CREATE for a shortcut. This is!
Very simple, right?

You can also use this application to start an activity from the installed application.
Applications and activities: Create shortcuts for installed applications and activities.

Folder and files: Create a folder and files shortcut from the internal storage.

Intentions: Create an Android system intent shortcut along with the default application.

Quick settings: Create a shortcut to quickly change your system settings.

Website: Shortcut to your favorite website.

Requested by: Functions requested by users.

#Custom #: Just a bonus and a new feature to download shortcuts from installed applications and edit in this application before creating.

Contact me: Shortcut to send me your suggestions 🙂

Shortcut preview: after selecting the activity application, a preview of the shortcut before creation will be displayed. Here you can also rename the shortcut name. You can also add a shortcut to your favorite.

Background: here you can see the list of shortcuts you created.

Favorite: here you can see the list of your favorite shortcuts.

If you want to add any features to this app, please send me your answers and comments [email protected] (Do not forget to add the application name to the theme)

Special thanks to MaterialSearchView (Thanks MiguelCatalan! :)) for providing free search view with a clean, easy-to-use user interface. The following is the link to the library I used for this:

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