SHAREit Download For Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 PC

Download Free SHAREit Download For Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 PC

Shareit for Windows is a special application that we can use to transfer a wide range of different types of files between two devices at a higher speed and efficiency than Bluetooth or HFC. This software frees you from DVD, CD and USB maintenance by doing exactly what DVD, CD and USB do, but with greater efficiency and convenience.


Back up photos from your phone to your computer

If you want to save storage on your phone, back up your photos to your computer with this one-click Shareit. You don’t have to worry about deleting items from your phone’s storage. You can have more space on your phone by backing up photos from your mobile phone to your computer.

Control PowerPoint slides

This software can easily move in your atmosphere when presenting a PowerPoint slide. The PowerPoint control tool can control your presentation directly from your phone and release you from the border with a mouse or click.

Support for all types of devices

You can use this software for any type of Windows (Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7.8 or 10) and also for Android, Mac, iOS and Laptop.

Work fast

This allows you to share your data very quickly without worrying about file quality. It works at the highest speed (20 MB / s) and 40x faster than Bluetooth.


You can share any kind of content such as audio, video, documents, etc., through any type of device (desktop computer, laptop or mobile device). With a built-in video and music player, you can enjoy music online and offline. You can also get information about new trends in music.

Share everything

It provides a very easy way to transfer images, audio or video files, documents and even applications to various devices without using cloud storage.

Wireless application

You can establish a direct wireless connection to other devices and transfer data without an Internet or Bluetooth connection. You can connect 5 data sharing devices at the same time, and the devices connect automatically when they are in range.

Privacy and security

This software does not require any request for your personal information and will transfer your data without any assistance from any third party.

Supports messaging

It supports all types of messaging – (anonymous messaging, secure messaging and group messaging via mobile phone or computer. You can also add your close contacts.

Distant view

Remote View is an easy and fast tool for finding files and folders. Finds the document, displays it and plays it directly from the phone.

Is Shareit for Windows secure?

Shareit has a great reputation for absolute security. This software does nothing but create a peer-to-peer connection. So there is nothing to fear. If it contains a virus or malware, you should check the transferred file.

Advantages and disadvantages of Shareit for Windows


  • Free.
  • Very easy to use.
  • It offers several entertainment features for watching movies and listening to music.
  • It’s completely safe.
  • It works at high speed.


  • The process of connecting a device can sometimes be complicated.
  • It still doesn’t work.
  • Connects to other devices only from the allowed distance.

I must say that Shareit for Windows provides users with a comprehensive way to share data with higher speed and reliable efficiency. So this application is definitely the best for fast data transfer.

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