Send Anywhere (File Transfer) 21.8.20 APK Download from Estmob Inc.

Download Free Send Anywhere (File Transfer) 21.8.20 APK Download from Estmob Inc.

Send anywhere: Easy, fast and unlimited file sharing

. Features
• Transfer any file type without changing the original
• All you need is a one-time 6-digit key for easy file transfers
• Wi-Fi Direct: transfer without data or Internet
• Share files with multiple users at once via a single link
• Transfer files to a specific device
• Enhanced file encryption (256-bit)

▶ When to use Shipping Anywhere!
• When transferring photos, videos and music to your computer!
• When you need to send large files but do not have mobile data or have difficulty connecting to the internet
• Whenever you want to send files in an instant!

* When using the application if a problem or error occurs, let us know by clicking on “Send Feedback” in the menu More

APK file
• The copyrights of the applications sent through Send Anywhere belong to the developer of the application. If sharing an APK file is in violation of applicable copyright laws, then all responsibility lies with the user.
• Usually, you will not be able to share APK files between operating system and Android. First check with the application developer before transferring between platforms.

Video files
• Depending on the type of video you are receiving, the video may not be pushed to the phone collection. In this case, using a file manager will play the video.
• If you cannot play the downloaded videos, download a different video player that is compatible with the video format.

To make the most of the convenient Send Anywhere file sharing service, we ask for the user rights listed below
• Write internal storage (Required): To save files that are internally stored via “Send Anywhere”
• Read Internal Storage (Required): To send files stored in the internal storage via Send Anywhere.
• Site access: Share files via Wi-Fi Direct via the Google Nearby API. (Bluetooth may be enabled to find and identify nearby devices, so it may request Bluetooth permissions.)
• External storage recording: To store files received via Send Anywhere on external storage (SD Card).
• Read external storage: To send files stored on external storage via Send Anywhere.
• Read contacts: Send contacts stored on your phone.
• Camera: To be able to receive files via QR Code.

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