Sehhaty 2.9.0 for Android – Download

Download Free Sehhaty 2.9.0 for Android – Download

Sehhaty is a tool where you can perform procedures related to the health system of Saudi Arabia. With good data organization you will have no problem managing what you need. In fact, with this tool you have the option to learn about some of the procedures associated with COVID-19.

In Sehhaty you must create your user from your national identity document. Every resident of Saudi Arabia has their own health system number that in this application can be used to perform procedures online. You can even make an appointment with your doctor if required without having to go to a medical center.

With Sehhaty you can also request an appointment to take a COVID-19 test. This will tell you in a few hours whether you are positive or not. In addition, the app is also designed to track which citizens have been vaccinated in the near future.

Sehhaty is a Saudi health system application where you can make an appointment with your doctor, follow COVID-19-related recommendations, or request an antibody test or PCR.


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