ScreenFlow 9.0.7 for Mac – Download

Download Free ScreenFlow 9.0.7 for Mac – Download

ScreenFlow is a complete recording studio for Mac OS X Leopard that captures screenshots from your computer screen or iSight camera and places them for playback in sequence.

The application can capture images from multiple resources at the same time. Just select the required combination before you start shooting: images and audio from a computer monitor and images and audio from an iSight camera.

The video editor that comes with ScreenFlow is multi-track and very easy to use. You can split the snippets and apply various special effects to them, such as scaling certain areas to make them stand out more and rotating the images to give them a new perspective. It is also possible to adjust the audio levels.

Another interesting feature in ScreenFlow is the ability to point and focus on your mouse, increase your viewing accuracy, or in the front window.


For Mac OS X 10.5 or later.


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