Scratch 3.18.1 for Windows – Download

Download Free Scratch 3.18.1 for Windows – Download

Scratch is a free Windows application that lets you easily create your own graphic animations (also known as animations). Its controls are so easy to use and customizable that kids love to create their own cartoon designs.

The animations are created based on different visual elements (background, images and graphics created by the program), which you will program to perform any movements you want.

Scheduling these actions is not complicated at all, thanks to the complete graphics processor you have in Scratch. It has all the functions you need to create your design and do it any way you want. In addition, its simplified form significantly reduces the difficulties you would normally encounter when it comes to programming moves, sound reproduction and modification of character behavior. Create as many objects as you want, customize any of the available backgrounds to match, and start bringing your characters to life.

Games, cartoons, visual caricatures – the sky is the limit for everything you can create with Scratch. Even if you are just starting the coding journey, there is no doubt that you will be ready to do whatever you want.


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