Scratch 3.18.1 for Mac – Download

Download Free Scratch 3.18.1 for Mac – Download

Scratch is a programming language for children that allows even young children to become familiar with computers and application development.

Scratch replaces the program source code for a series of predefined instructions that can be moved and dropped within the development area. Instructions such as loops and control phrases such as “if” or “case” are used to nest the other functions in graphical form.

Each command group corresponds to a color code. Thus, those involved in traffic are blue. those that deal with sound, purple. and those involved in control, orange.

In addition, some instructions allow variable perimeters, which may appear in numerical form above the surface. You can use the sprites included in the application or design your own from the program design window.

Scratch is designed for small projects, although you will also find some really impressive projects on its website.


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