Scary Teacher 3D 5.7.3 – Download for Android APK Free

Download Free Scary Teacher 3D 5.7.3 – Download for Android APK Free

Remember Professor Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter? Well, it does not compare to the toughness of the teacher of this game. But the protagonist of this game had enough. Threats, corporal punishment, kidnappings of pets and student torture will finally be avenged You will be able to do it help her get revenge or will you get caught trying?

The story is about a genius girl and her worst teacher in high school.

A horror game for (almost) the whole family

Scary 3D teacher offers us a world we can explore through the 15 rooms of Professor Miss T.’s house. Your goal will be to complete the missions of every level to do what you can to annoy the bad woman. To do this, you need to buy or search for items, learn how to keep going and perform your pranks without getting caught.

What is the ideal revenge?

As a result, the experience can be a bit daunting at times, although in general it causes more excitement and satisfaction than anything else. Throughout the game you will be able to leave the teacher without hair, take advantage of things on her face, make her eat disgusting things, catch her fingers in a mouse trap and all sorts of abuse to complicate its existence.

The controls are simple and few, but the handling can be a bit complicated, especially when Miss T catches you and you want to get out of a piece. The graphics are also nothing from the other world, but they are quite right and suitable for this type of game. Of course, nothing to get real life ideas.

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