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Status Saver is a useful tool for downloading the status posts of your WhatsApp contacts. Thanks to this app, it is easier than ever to keep a copy of the photos or videos posted on this popular international messaging app.

Using Status Saving would not be easier. After watching a status update on WhatsApp, the contents of this post are displayed in Status Saver. When you press it, you can download it automatically, publish it in your own status update, share it or set it as a background image. There are many possibilities available and this tool makes each of them easier to use than ever before.

Images and videos appear in different tabs within the app, which helps organize this content. In addition, Status Saver has 5 different spaces depending on the version of WhatsApp you are using: one for the original WhatsApp application, one for WhatsApp Business, GB WhatsApp, Parallel Space and Parallel Space Lite.

Status Saver is a perfect application for storing any WhatsApp status – fast and easy. This tool also comes with a “dark mode” in case you prefer to use it this way, as well as other customization features that further describe your experience.


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