Sand Balls 2.2.0 for Android

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Sand Balls is a level game where you have to move each set of colorful balls to the truck shown at the bottom. To do this, you just need to slide your finger in the sand and create tunnels that allow you to get the maximum possible number of balls at the end of the track.

The graphics in Sand Balls show everything in 3D and the controls have no complications. You basically have to press your finger on the interface to make holes in the ground that allow you to get the balls at the end of the level. In addition, you will come across white balls to match the other colors so that they come together when they fall.

Another thing to remember is that in every move you will encounter rotating platforms that modify the course of your balls. This makes it very interesting to study which arrangement suits you best in order to carry the largest number of balls in the truck. Once you get to the vehicle you will see the number of balls you have managed to get there successfully.

With Sand Balls you look at a simple game that manages to keep you stuck on your smartphone screen. So you have to be careful not to miss any of the areas where you can collect a lot of balls.


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