Samsung Storage Saver 12.0.12 for Android

Download Free Samsung Storage Saver 12.0.12 for Android

Samsung Storage Saver is a very useful storage management application that allows you to free up space in the internal memory of your device. Basically, this application helps users to transfer application data from the internal storage of the device to a memory card.

Normally this application does not appear in your device menu, but can be found in the settings application. Like all system applications, you must select Samsung Storage Saver to access it. But once you make the application visible and open, you will soon find that it is an incredibly simple and easy to use application, even if you have never used a storage management application before.

Samsung Storage Saver displays a list of applications stored in your device’s internal storage. These applications and all their files are automatically stored in the internal storage space, taking up space that could be easily freed by simply moving the data. Just press the toggle switch from each application to move all the information to the SD card.

Overall, Samsung Storage Saver is a great way to free up space on your device’s internal storage without having to delete any important data or applications.


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