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Samsung Global Goals is an application where you can help eradicate poverty, hunger and climate change. Basically, it is a great opportunity to make the world a better place.

In the interface of this application, you can see all 17 global goals, also known as sustainable development goals. These were prepared by the UN and adopted by all 193 member countries. With this application, you can contribute to these goals with a few minutes each day. All you have to do is watch the ads in this app and the money generated by your views will be donated to your favorite Global Targets.

In addition to displaying goals, this app also provides resources so you can learn more about each goal, including detailed information and videos. Likewise, you can even select one of the lock screen wallpapers provided by the app to give more exposure to an initiative of your choice.

Samsung Global Goals is a great way to support your 17 global goals by doing more than just watching a few ads a day.


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