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Samsung Edge Screen is an application exclusively for Samsung devices, which makes it possible to open the five applications that you use the most, simply by dragging the edge of the screen. Of course, you can select your five applications and the order in which they appear from the application options menu.

Another interesting feature of the Samsung Edge Screen is that it allows you to drag one of the edges of the screen to display information even when your device is locked (with the screen off). You can set it to display the news or the weather, for example.

Finally, the Samsung Edge Screen has a feature that only turns on when your Android device is facing down on a flat surface, such as a dashboard: the edge of the screen lights up when you receive a call or notification. With this feature, you can even assign a different color to up to five contacts.

Overall, the Samsung Edge Screen is a very useful application that enables the personalized experience of the Samsung Galaxy device. Samsung Edge Screen is compatible with Galaxy Note9, S9, S9 +, Note8, S8, S8 +, S7 edge, S6 edge + and S6 edge.


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