Rules of Survival 1.610352.491260 – Download for Android free

Download Free Rules of Survival 1.610352.491260 – Download for Android free

Here is an adventure video game with a plot that could very well belong to an action movie with Chuck Norris, but even more interesting. We are talking about Rules of survival in which you will be parachute on a desert island without any kind of weapon or equipment. Your quest will be to survive bearing in mind that 119 other users have been sent to the same island on equal terms … and may not be as friendly as you.

Fight for your life until the last moment

Well, to tell you the truth, it’s not exactly a desert island … on the one hand, there are more than 100 hundred survivors like yourself, and on the other, you will meet many enemies who will try to chase you. This happens if you manage to survive among other dangers and obstacles, such as mines, traps and poison gas, among others.

In any case, there are some positive aspects: you will be able to equip yourself with all kinds of weapons and fight against all … your survival will depend on your ability to manage your weapons, drive vehicles and escape when necessary.

A fascinating adventure on a hospitable island full of dangers.

The game offers us one open world with complete freedom of movement where we will control our character through a simple graphical user interface that will allow us to quickly swap items in our stock, run, jump or shoot. All the latter dressed in a multiplayer online mode in which we can play solo or collaboratively.

  • Survival game: there can be only one stop.
  • Play freely on a huge map with HD graphics.
  • Play in group mode or solo.
  • Wide range of weapons and accessories.
  • Drive all types of vehicles on different surfaces.

If you are looking for an action packed adventure game that offers you the opportunity to play online games with more than 100 hundred other users, do not hesitate to download its APK Rules of survival free of charge.

Download Last Version: Rules of Survival 1.610352.491260 – Download for Android free

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