Rotation – Orientation Manager 21.1.0 APK Download by Pranav Pandey

Download Free Rotation – Orientation Manager 21.1.0 APK Download by Pranav Pandey

Rotate is a tool for Android to control the orientation of the device. It offers all the functions supported by Android and can be configured according to the applications or various events, such as call, lock, headset, charging and connection base. It does not matter if the application has a specific function, it completely bypasses the application and system settings. Let’s try to explore its other useful features.


A complete orientation manager with all supported features.
Default system functions
• Auto-rotate on • Auto-rotate off
Functions to bypass system settings
• Forced auto-rotate • Forced portrait • Forced horizontal
• Reverse portrait • Reverse horizontal
• Sensor portrait • Sensor landscape • Compulsory full sensor
Power Lock – Lock Current Orientation

Support conditions with different events and applications.
• Call Orientation • Lock Orientation • Headset Orientation
• Charging Orientation • Attachment Orientation • Application Orientation
Event Priority – Customizable event preference in case two or more events occur at the same time.

Custom spin
# Change the orientation of the foreground or event with ease from a fully customizable floating head (or alert or tile) available at the top of each task.

Various settings for customization as needed.
• Start at startup • Notification • Toggle notification
• Alert priority • Toast messages • Vibrate and more.

The best color themed camera for every choice.
• All new dynamic thematic camera with background awareness functionality to avoid visibility problems.

Full support
• Quick setup for configuring important functions from one screen.
• Detailed help with intelligible explanations.
# Perform backup and restore tasks to save and load application settings.

# Rotate extension to automate more than 40 actions via the Locale / Tasker add-on.
• Rotate shortcuts to quickly change orientation from the home screen.
• Application shortcuts (Android 7.1.1+) to perform various service functions without opening the application.
• Notification board (Android 7.1.1+) for performing service and on-demand operations.
• Fully customizable widgets and toggle widgets to perform various functions.
• Explore to find many more hidden gems.

Features marked with # are paid and Rotation key you are required to use them.

English, Deutsch, Español, Indonesia, Italiano, Português, Русский, Türkçe, Chinese (Simplified)

Internet access – To show ads in free version.
Recover running applications – To locate the foreground application.
Usage statistics (Android 5.0+) – To locate the foreground application.
Modify system settings – To change the screen orientation settings.
Design other applications – To change the foreground orientation.
Read the status and identity of the device – To change the direction of the phone call.
Run at startup – To start the service when starting the device.
Check the vibration – To vibrate the device when the orientation changes.
Modify USB storage (Android 4.3 and later) – To create and restore backups.

Uses the accessibility service to provide a better experience and enforce lock screen orientation on Android 8.0+ devices. It will not have access to window content or other sensitive data.
Rotate> Conditions> Events> Accessibility.


Buy Rotation key for more opportunities and to support development.
In case of errors / issues, contact me via email before making any assessment.
Some applications may not work properly when they have to work in certain directions. Use Auto-Rotate on / off from the application conditions to use the system settings for these applications.
Reverse Portrait is disabled on some Xiaomi (MIUI) devices with default boot. Try any other boot program (home screen) to work.

Android is a trademark of Google LLC.

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