Rokkr 1.7.5 – Free PC Download

Download Free Rokkr 1.7.5 – Free PC Download

Rokkr is a multimedia center like Kodi, but with the difference that its format is that of a web browser. In fact, its interface is the same as one of these tools: it will help us browse our multimedia file collection as well as access all kinds of web resources.

A browser with multimedia features

In any case, we doubt it Rokkr will replace Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, or any other browser you use to browse the Internet. However, it has some interesting features designed for multimedia content. It can browse any web page with multimedia content while controlling its playback, which makes it interesting.

This way, users can access to their entire personal library through a carefully designed interface that makes it functional and simple, playing it on any device without having to save all the files on it. As can be done with the aforementioned Kodi, for example. It is also possible to enter URLs in M3U format and provide access to video repositories hosted on other servers or TV channel lists thanks to the IPTV protocol.

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